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Good producing observe (GMP) could be a system for guaranteeing that product area unit systematically made and controlled in line with quality standards. it's designed to reduce the risks concerned in any pharmaceutical production that can't be eliminated through testing the ultimate product. the most risks are: sudden contamination of product, inflicting injury to health or maybe death; incorrect labels on containers, that may mean that patients receive the incorrect medicine; meager or an excessive amount of active ingredient, leading to ineffective treatment or adverse effects.

GMP covers all aspects of production; from the beginning materials, premises and instrumentality to the coaching and private hygiene of employees. Detailed, written procedures area unit essential for every method that would have an effect on the standard of the finished product. There should be systems to produce documented proof that correct procedures area unit systematically followed at every step within the producing method - each time a product is created.

World Health Organization has established careful pointers permanently producing observe. several countries have developed their own necessities for GMP supported World Health Organization GMP. Others have harmonic their necessities, as an example within the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN), within the European Economic Community and thru the Pharmaceutical examination Convention.

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